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Ticket to travel – How chair massage paid the way to adventure

This is one of my favourite stories. Many years ago I had two retired nurses in my chair massage training class. As I do in all my classes, I asked each student what they hoped to do once they graduated, and these two nurses, Jean, and Connie, said with confidence that they were going to travel around the world, with chair massage paying their way.

And they certainly did!

Within a month of the course, Jean and Connie had purchased their open-ended airline tickets, and with their backpacks and massage chairs, they set off on a year-long journey that would take them through South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Every country they visited; they would look for places they could set up their chairs. This included beaches, public squares, and festivals. Sometimes things would work out, and other times they would be told to pack up and move on. This never dampened their spirits. They brushed it off and treated it as an unfolding experience they would laugh about for years.

The one place they had the most success was resort hotels. Jean and Connie met one resort manager who suggested they set up around the pool. In exchange for room and meals, they would offer chair massages to the guests soaking up the sun. This was a huge hit and one that earned them a lot of money in tips. This became one of their go-to work strategies whenever they visited a new country. It provided them with a safe work setting, they wouldn’t be asked to move, and they could earn free meals, accommodation, and great tips.

Traveling around the world paid for by chair massage isn’t for everyone, but it illustrates how versatile chair massage can be. Chair massage in workplaces, retirement communities, and outdoor festivals are considered the main locations for chair massage work, but there is world of opportunity to share your gift of massage in so many other settings. Just ask Jean and Connie!


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