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Practice-Building Mini Courses

There are so many places you can perform chair massage once you are certified and you have your liability insurance in place. It’s no surprise that chair massage is known in the industry as “massage for the masses”. The portable nature of chair massage and the fact that clients keep their clothes on during their massage creates the opportunity to offer your service in many more settings than traditional table massage. The main categories of chair massage are: 

1. Workplace chair massage – as a workplace wellness service 

2. Seniors wellness chair massage – for seniors in retirement communities

3. Public event chair massage – festivals, conferences, trade shows and sporting events, and 

4. Retail chair massage – where you offer your service from a fixed retail location like an airport or wellness store.

We Can Help You Achieve Success as a Certified Chair Massage Provider

My team and I have trained and supported chair massage providers from across Canada for over 20 years. We have built successful chair massage practices in each of the main categories, and we know the tips and tricks to achieving success and avoiding the typical mistakes most new chair massage providers make.

Introducing the Practice-Building Mini Courses:

Each of the following mini courses will help you build a successful chair massage practice in each of the main chair massage categories:

⦁ Workplace Chair Massage
Seniors Wellness Chair Massage
⦁ Public Event Chair Massage
⦁ Retail Chair Massage

Some of the Things You’ll Learn:

⦁ How to gain workplace clients – both government and corporate clients
⦁ How to make a compelling case for a weekly chair massage program
⦁ How to get employers to willingly pay for the chair massage service
⦁ How to get employees excited about weekly chair massages and how to recruit them to be your biggest advocates with their employer
⦁ How to run a successful workplace chair massage program to maximize your income, without burning out

Some of the Things You’ll Learn:

⦁ How to interest retirement communities to welcome your service
⦁ How to educate and inspire seniors to become loyal chair massage clients
⦁ The secrets to creating interest in your chair massage program – even if seniors have never had a massage before
⦁ How to become the resident wellness authority that everyone looks to for advice
⦁ The power of program punch cards to ensure your schedule is full each week
⦁ How to get the recreation department in the retirement community to be your best source of new clients

Some of the Things You’ll Learn:

⦁ How to build a strong chair massage event team
⦁ How to organize the event schedule to ensure your event team is happy and committed to each other’s success
⦁ How to identify the best event opportunities in your region – and avoiding the unproductive ones
⦁ How to turn a 4-day festival into a long-term workplace chair massage program
⦁ Do’s and Don’ts of event massage
⦁ How to ensure you’ll always have a loyal group of chair massage providers to work with you for future events
⦁ The single biggest issue that erodes trust among chair massage team members

Some of the Things You’ll Learn:

⦁ How to identify the best retail locations in your area
⦁ How to leverage your retail location to create workplace and public event chair massage opportunities
⦁ How to increase your revenue by selling the right retail products
⦁ How to develop alliances with other retail merchants to increase your store traffic
⦁ How to partner with local media to drive store traffic – without ever having to buy an ad
⦁ How to leverage public event chair massage to supercharge your retail traffic