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How chair massage can be the start of an amazing wellness career

Chair massage has so many qualities that can make it the ideal way to start a career in massage and wellness. You can be trained and certified in as little as three weeks, your massage chair and supplies are affordable, and given the portable nature of the service, you can provide your service in an almost limitless number of settings.

But that’s really just the beginning. It’s how you can leverage chair massage to create a wellness business that’s customized to your unique interests and goals that makes it such an amazing tool.

Let me share what I’ve experienced over my 20+ years in the massage industry. I’ve met many practitioners – some who ended up being successful and others not. The reason why some people failed had little to do with their massage abilities, or their desire to be in the profession. Their problem was they failed to connect with their ideal target audience in a meaningful way before their own financial resources ran out.

Here’s an example to illustrate what can happen. I knew two practitioners who upon graduation from their relaxation massage training programs decided they wanted to work with private clients in their homes. Both practitioners built beautiful home spas that would rival spas in fancy hotels. Unfortunately, a year later, only one ended up being successful. The other was forced to abandon her dream of a home spa business and go back to her previous government job.

Here’s what happened . . .
The practitioner who failed in her efforts, I’ll call her Jenny, spent a lot of money on local display advertising and social media with little success. She convinced herself that she would have to rely on word-of-mouth to bring clients to her spa. Between the money she spent on advertising and the minimal number of clients she got by word-of-mouth she used up all her savings. She had no choice but to go back to her old job.
The other practitioner, Laurie, was a completely different story. She steadily built up her home spa business to the point where she needed to bring on another practitioner to help her deal with the overflow of clients.

How did she do this?
Laurie did the smart thing and utilized chair massage as a tool to position herself in front of her ideal target audience. Specifically, the people she most identified with and wanted to work with were endurance athletes. She began by offering her chair massage service at marathons, triathlons, rowing events, and dragon boat festivals.
It was by offering chair massage at these public sporting events that she was able to develop relationships with the people who would ultimately become her home spa clients. Interestingly, she spent no money on local display advertising or social media, and she got paid well while she was offering her chair massage. Ironically, the word-of-mouth clients that never materialized for the first practitioner, came to the second practitioner in abundance.
Chair massage was the vehicle that allowed the second practitioner to become visible to the people she most wanted to serve. In my next blog article, I’ll tell you how Laurie was able to leverage her home spa clients to get new chair massage event opportunities.

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