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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES. This is an understandable question, and one we get asked often. Having trained and certified chair massage students for over 20 years, we have found that the 100% online option and Blended online/classroom option is actually a better experience for our students. They control the pace of how they learn each routine, and with the requirement for students to submit videos of themselves performing each routine, we are able to provide much more detailed feedback and support to each student. You can imagine in a classroom of 12 students, it can be challenging to watch what everyone is doing, all the time. Still, we understand that for some students, they enjoy the comradery of being with other students in class, so the Blended Option of part online and part in the classroom is their best option.

Yes, upon successful completion of either training option, you will receive your recognized certification as a Certified Chair Massage Provider in Canada.

The Quick Start Chair Massage Course is recognized by the NHPC -Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, which means that once you receive your certification, you will be eligible to obtain your liability insurance coverage.

No, this is an entry-level training course and anyone 18+ can sign up.

The Quick Start Chair Massage Course is 100 hours in total. This is made up of online coursework and massage skills development time.

The simple answer is no. You’ll be required to complete a series of short online assignments, and if you’ve chosen the 100% online option, you’ll submit videos of yourself performing all three chair massage routines on a volunteer. If you’ve chosen the Blended Option you will have your chair massages assessed and evaluated by your instructor during the in-class weekend intensive.

We recommend the Stronglite Ergo Pro II massage chair. It’s the only portable massage chair with removable knee rests, and it can handle clients up to 600 lbs. Check out for more details on the special Stronglite Ergo Pro II package.

You will be a Certified Chair Massage Provider.

We want you to be happy, so to give you peace of mind, you can request a no-hassle, full refund of your tuition within 14 days of registering for the course.  You just need to send us an email requesting a refund. Please note that after 14 days of registration, no refunds will be issued.

No, the weekend intensive is incorporated into the course tuition of $895. You will be responsible for travel, accommodation, and meals if that applies.

Yes, you will be issued a Federal T2202 Tuition receipt to claim your full tuition on your personal income tax return. Receipts are issued the following January.

The dates and locations of the weekend intensive sessions are based on the number of students going through the Blended Option at any given time. Coordinating when as many students as possible will have completed their online requirements is not a perfect science, but every effort is made to schedule dates and locations that are convenient to students.

You can sign up for either training option whenever you like. Those choosing the 100% online option will be able to progress through the course at their own speed and in the comfort of their own homes. Those choosing the Blended Option can start the online portion anytime and then choose which Weekend Intensive they would like to attend.

Yes, you will have 60 days from the date of registration to access the online component of the course. If you do not complete it in that time, you can apply for an extension, at a cost of $100 for an additional 30 days.

Yes, you have 60 days from the date of registration to access the online portion of the training course. You then have an additional 30 days to complete your Skills Development volunteer massages. So, in total you have 90 days to complete the entire course. If you have not completed the online academic modules within 60 days, you can request a 30 day extension for $100. In addition, if you haven’t completed your volunteer massages within 90 days of registration, you can request a 30 day extension for $100. Each 30 day extension will cost $100, so we strongly encourage you to budget your time efficiently, and start lining up your volunteers while you are working on the academic modules.

Best to check with us when you reserve your weekend intensive spot. We only need one massage chair for every two participants, and typically it’s easier for local students to bring theirs.

If you’ve chosen the Blended Option for your chair massage training, once you have completed the requirements of the online portion, you’ll then be able to choose which weekend intensive session you would like to attend. A list of upcoming cities and dates will be provided to you when you are close to finishing your online work.

If you have any additional questions, please complete the contact form
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