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Blended Option: Online + In-Class Training

⦁  You’ll complete the first phase of the course online through our learning management system known as NEO, and the second phase will take place in the classroom. We call this in-class experience the “weekend chair massage intensive”. This runs Friday evening, all-day Saturday, and all-day Sunday, and you’ll be able to select the weekend session you would like to attend. The entire course is 100 hours in length.

⦁  The online course modules cover our three core chair massage routines: Upper Body (which includes the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands), Legs & Feet, and Head & Face. Through detailed videos, you will learn to perform each of these routines, and you’ll practice what you learn on friends and family. You’ll also learn basic anatomy (as it applies to performing chair massage), proper biomechanics for chair massage providers, safe movement of clients on and off the massage chair, proper adjustment of the massage chair, and effective client communication.

⦁ You will be required to submit videos of yourself performing each routine on a volunteer, and you will complete short exercises online.

⦁  Unlike the 100% Online option, you will not be required to provide the final video of yourself performing all three routines on a volunteer. You will receive individual instruction and feedback throughout the weekend, which will prepare you to demonstrate all three routines on a fellow classmate on Sunday. Your full chair massage will be evaluated by your instructor, and upon successful completion, you will receive your certification as a Certified Chair Massage Provider!

Course Cost: $895